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Men's Trunks

Discover everyday comfort with our selection of men’s trunks - a shorter and more supportive alternative to boxer shorts, they’re a great option for any outfit or activity level. Our collection of trunks includes a wide range of styles, colours and sizes to suit all needs, from everyday wear to luxury brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Jockey, and more. We even have our own sustainable bamboo underwear range from Lazy Panda to discover. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe or stock up on the basics, we’ve got you covered with individual and multipack options. Take a look at our collection of men’s trunks below to find your new go-to trunks.

40 Results

Your go-to trunks

You’ll love our range of men’s trunks - a great everyday choice as they can be worn comfortably with just about any outfit. Our trunks are available individually or in multipacks, if you really want to stock up. Take a look at our range of styles and materials, including classic cotton and our sustainable bamboo collection for a truly comfortable and breathable alternative. You’re bound to find trunks that are the perfect match for you.

The perfect fit

Our men’s trunks are a form-fitting and supportive alternative to boxer shorts. Comfortable for any activity level, they come in a huge range of sizes from extra small TO 4XL, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit for you. Don’t compromise on style - our trunks come in chic black and white options as well as a whole range of patterned, colourful, or designer trunks if that’s more your thing. Whatever your fit and style, we’ve got the trunks for you.

Brands, brands, brands!

Elevate your everyday essentials or find the perfect gift with our range of men’s trunks from the very best designer brands. Our collection includes trunks from Calvin Klein, BOSS, Jeep, Pringle and more, so you can count on the highest levels of quality and comfort. Treat yourself and shop our range of branded men’s trunks today!




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