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Cleverly designed to fit under your shoes, men's shoe liners are essential for summer! If you want the comfort of wearing socks without it looking like you’re wearing them, then discover our range of invisible socks. With invisible socks from brands such as Pringle, Ralph Lauren, Pantherella and Gentle Grip, SOCKSHOP has got you covered when it comes to men’s no show socks that offer the benefit of foot protection whilst remaining totally discreet. Browse our selection of invisible socks now. Order before 5 pm Monday - Friday for same-day dispatch.

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Don’t go sockless, go invisible

Enjoy all the comfort of wearing socks without the look in a pair of men’s shoe liners
Shh, keep it quiet, but whether you call them shoe liners, invisible socks, no show socks or secret socks, a pair of these extra-low-cut socks are the essentials for giving men the sockless look all the style guides recommend. Browse our selection of invisible socks now. 
Better yet, they prevent the smelly, sweaty problems that going barefoot in shoes all day cause. Our advice? Never go barefoot, it’s not good for your feet or your footwear. Always have a pair of men’s shoe liners handy.

Shoe liners look after your feet, your skin and your footwear

Men’s feet get hot and damp during a normal day, and socks give somewhere for that heat and dampness to go. If you were to leave off your socks, that salty sweat goes right into the material of your shoes, ruining them – quickly. Your skin suffers too, from damp, hot skin rubbing against the harsh linings of shoes not intended for skin contact. Blisters form, skin rubs raw. Bacteria create foot odour and fungal infections. Shoe liners protect you and your skin from all this.

Fine, soft and smooth

These men’s no show socks are always soft, and nearly always fine gauge. The best invisible socks have smooth toe seams to further protect feet and are made from very breathable natural fibres like cotton, wool or bamboo.

How low do they go?

The tops are cut deeply, sitting under the ankle bone, either low for full-fronted shoes, or extra-low for shoes like espadrilles, deck shoes and plimsolls. Of course, without cuffs and legs, they don’t stay up unaided. To prevent them from moving during wear, men’s no show socks often have anti-slip heel grips or elastic arch bands and shaped heel pockets to keep them in place, without slipping underfoot.

Invisible socks are the thing to be seen in

Although they are mostly simple shades and single colours, not all men’s shoe liners are plain. Brands sometimes create their liners with patterns or motifs for you to enjoy, should you actually kick your shoes off. Of course, invisible socks are then... no longer invisible!




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