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Film & TV Characters Men's Socks

From Homer Simpson to The Hulk, and Han Solo to Superman, our collection of 100% official Men's Film & TV Characters socks features single pairs and gift boxed character socks. Perfect presents or just a little something to put a smile on your face, our fully licensed character socks include Marvel Comics, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Despicable Me's MinionsDC Comics heroes, Star Wars, the TMNTs and many more of your favourite cartoon heroes from film and TV!

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Show whose side you’re on
Superheroes or super-villains. DC or Marvel. Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire (Jedi or Sith for that matter). Stark or Lannister. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Whatever side you’re on, wearing a pair of Film and TV socks lets us declare our fantasy allegiances for the world to see – should we choose to lift our pant legs of course. Let your geek sock flag fly!

Superheroes and super quality
What might surprise you is the breadth and the quality of our men’s character socks collection here at SOCKSHOP. All our men's film and TV socks are 100% official and mostly cotton rich quality knits. It’s not just movie franchises and television series either. We have comic book socks, cartoon socks and rock, rap and pop music socks too. Not forgetting a whole choice of science fiction, horror, superheroes and cult character socks. Search for your favourites and see what we have in stock.

All the Cs – comedy, cartoons, capes!
Fun character socks are particularly popular, whether they’re from animation, CGI, gaming. books or cartoons, there are men’s socks with their likenesses. Diverse subjects like X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy, Rick and Morty, Muppets and Mario Bros all have socks in our Collection. Sock designs vary too, including, but not limited to, thermal Heat Holders with logos including Grinch or Spider-Man, cape socks to make your calves look like Darth Vader, Batman or Superman, and sneaky sock styles with characters hidden at the toes.

A geeky gift that never goes amiss
No self-respecting film and TV geek could fail be happy to receive a pair of men’s size socks with his favourite movie or television franchise on them. We have single pairs of socks, themed sock packs and gift boxed sock sets, affordable for all pockets so the kids and secret Santa can easily buy a small present. Character socks are easy, useful gifts for all occasions, Valentine to Easter, Halloween to Christmas and of course, socks for birthday gifts.




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