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Ladies' Comfort Cuff Socks

SOCKSHOP’s special range of ladies' comfort cuff socks features a softer cuff or welt, which grips the legs more gently; just enough to keep the sock up but not so much that it cuts into your leg or leaves uncomfortable marks. Choose from a variety of styles and colours, from a number of our much-loved brands, in our comfy socks range.

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Comfort is king

If you’ve ever peeled off your socks to find you’ve got deep grooves in your calves where the top of your socks have dug in, you’ll know the discomfort of wearing overly tight socks. At SOCKSHOP, we’re big believers in comfort. So we’ve curated some of the finest ladies’ comfort cuff socks to ensure your feet, legs and ankles enjoy the softer touch they deserve!

What the cuff?

So what makes for the perfect comfort cuff sock? Well, all of the delightfully comfy socks in this range feature gently gripping tops that provide ample hold to stay up but without constricting your legs. Brands like Gentle Grip and Pringle use an innovative honeycomb weave for their cuffs, which hug your legs beautifully but are gentler and far more forgiving than your average sock cuff.

Nature’s finest threads

Our ladies’ comfort cuffs socks range is packed full of comfy socks that have been woven from some of nature’s most luxurious materials. How do you like the sound of silky-soft mohair, hypoallergenic alpaca, or moisture-wicking merino? With your feet enveloped in these warm, durable and plush natural fibres, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds!

Big names, small imprint

Our aim with this collection of designer comfy socks for ladies is to minimise the imprint of your socks on both you and the planet. That’s why many of our hand-picked, leg-friendly and eco-friendly comfy socks are made from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo’s fibres are rounded for a feather-light feel against your skin and provide perfectly breathable, antibacterial, and thermoregulating socks that your feet will simply love!

If it’s even more comfort you desire, we’ve got plenty more comfy socks boasting world-beating padded socks, arch support, and seamless socks for you to choose from. Remember to order before 5pm Monday to Friday to ensure your goods are shipped that same day.




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