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Kids' Bamboo Socks & Tights

Our selection of kids' bamboo socks and tights is perfect for little feet. As well as being lovely and soft, bamboo is breathable, naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, and wicks moisture away from the feet keeping them dry and comfortable. Bamboo is also 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton in warmer weather, but can keep feet warm when it's cold.

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Kids don’t care about bamboo socks...

... but you should! Bamboo is so friendly to skin, even delicate skin, and who’s feet are more delicate than children’s? Bamboo socks are soft and silky, plus because bamboo is naturally antibacterial, breathable and moisture absorbing, it’s perfect for kids.

Long school days are better with bamboo

SOCKSHOP bamboo kids socks, for boys and girls, in ankle, crew and knee lengths, are great for school socks because bamboo sock fibre handles heat and moisture really well. As feet get too warm, or too damp, bamboo absorbs, then ‘breathes’ both away to keep feet dry and cool - fresh too, because bamboo resists bacteria; growth, meaning no foot odour build-up!

Kinder to your kids

Socks in bamboo are naturally better for skin, but for children’s socks, we wanted more. Our own SOCKSHOP brand kid’s bamboo socks include non-binding gentle grip Comfort Cuff tops to hold legs softly but securely, protecting both skin and circulation, and protective smooth toe seams to prevent rubbing, irritation and blisters on young feet.

Kinder to the environment

Kids care more about the environment these days, so tell them that wearing bamboo socks helps, because bamboo is a sustainable resource that is good for the environment. Bamboo crops grow quicker and in less space than other yarn crops like cotton. It needs less water irrigation, saving that resource, while also releasing 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than the equivalent acreage of trees. And that natural antibacterial ability we mentioned earlier, that is so great about kid’s bamboo socks? That means no harmful pesticides are needed when you grow bamboo.




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