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Ladies' Bamboo Socks

If you’re looking to treat your feet, discover a brand new sock experience with our selection of bamboo socks for women. Our ladies’ bamboo socks are 95% bamboo, meaning they benefit from the natural qualities of the material. We offer a broad range of bamboo socks for women in various styles, colours and patterns, so find your perfect pair today. Men can also take advantage of bamboo’s fantastic qualities with our men’s bamboo socks.

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Ladies’ Bamboo Socks

Alongside their natural softness, our bamboo socks for women are 2-3 degrees cooler than cotton in warm weather. But don’t worry, our ladies’ bamboo socks are also incredibly warm in cold weather too, giving you the best of both worlds. Our ladies’ bamboo socks are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic thanks to their bamboo fibres, wicking away moisture from the skin to keep your feet fresh and dry throughout the day.

The impressive world of bamboo

Our ladies’ bamboo socks are blessed with natural anti-bacterial functions, bacteriostasis and deodorisation, making them a sock you wouldn’t want to mess with. Testing on bamboo socks has shown that over 70% of bacteria found on the socks perished when incubated amongst the bamboo fibres that make up the socks. This is why our bamboo socks for women keep your feet feeling clean and fresh. Even after being washed fifty times, bamboo socks are proven to retain their special features. So if you’re looking for socks to keep your feet comfortable and healthy, bamboo socks are the winning choice.

Fits like a glove.

One of the best things about our bamboo socks for women is their tendency to feel like they were made specifically for you. Bamboo fibre is round and smooth, allowing it to fit perfectly against your skin and match the grooves of your feet. This means you don’t get the annoying bunching in your shoes, and it removes the irritation caused by socks that don’t fit properly. Here at SOCKSHOP, we offer a range of bamboo, organic socks from brands like Pringle to Thought Bamboo Socks. Shop our range of bamboo socks now!




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